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5 Simple Secrets To Get Your Gift Out:
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Dear Friend,

It's time to live in your gift and get paid handsomely for doing it...

You know you are here for a reason, and you know you have so much to give. Even if you don't quite know exactly what it is yet, there is something you know you're here to do. And you're right!

But here's the catch...

As simple as this sounds,

It's not easy to believe in and share your gifts, when you are highly
sensitive or deep down fear that your work is not good enough,
or that you aren’t good enough.

That is especially true if at some point in your life you 'shut down' or accepted a belief that you would have to do something you didn't truly love just to be able to survive modern life and ‘get by’.

So you may have creative talent, ideas, or a desire to write  a book or run a successful business but you feel frozen by fear - and you either can't get yourself to create the masterpiece within you, or you are simply too terrified to share it.

You may be wondering

  • How can I afford this?
  • How can I do what I desire when someone else is already doing it?
  • I don’t have the money, how will this be a success?
  • What will people think of me if I pursue my highest calling?
  • What if its a huge failure? Or a huge success? Will I cope?

It's really difficult for some of even the most gifted people to see themselves as they really are and find the confidence and courage to share their gifts with total conviction.

(If you've read this far you probably struggle with this first hand and know what I'm talking about, right?)

It’s Time For Change

I’m Katharine Dever and I know how it is to want to contribute to the World, be of service and create from the heart but to feel frightened, frustrated and blocked in your gifts, struggle financially and feel powerless to make a difference.

You may know of my story, as a sensitive and curious girl growing up I was a rebellious teen and became more interested in drinking and smoking than in anything else. I was untrustworthy, fearful of my power, and suppressed my gifts and my emotions- especially my intuition, creative abilities and sensitivity.

I wanted to be a writer, but thought everything I did was rubbish so would hide it away or throw it in the bin!

After what I can only describe as an awakening in 2005 I began meditating, cleansing my body and connecting with my angels and guides.

All of a sudden I was writing, it was as if I couldn’t stop and I penned my first book, a transformation guide called Bettermorphosis, and two volumes of poetry called The Indigo poems. I also began to write features and lead interviews with other influential leaders & visionaries such as Jeddah Mali, Garret Lo Porto, Jim Britt, Jack Canfield, & Lynne Twist.

I appear as a contributing author in Indigo Teens- The Indigo Children 10 Years Later by Janet Tober & Lee Carrol (Hay House 2009) & Atonement Project with Michael Beckwith and Huston Smith PhD (Uni. Of California Press, 2010).

Since 2005, I've been sharing my work, deepening my understanding and developing my gifts. I’ve enjoyed meeting with artists, entrepreneurs and healers from all corners of the World including indigenous Amazonian shaman, and swimming with up to 100 wild dolphins at a time off the coast of the Big Island, Hawaii.

My spiritual gifts were allowed to surface, and I developed a knack of seeing an individuals
'Money Spot ™' - Their true gifts that help them embody their highest calling.

I came to value my intuition above all else in my life, and started to work with other sensitive entrepreneurs, artists, writers, and healing arts practitioners to help them understand more about their unique talents and path of service.

Now I am ready to share this message even more widely, as I believe that for our World and the individuals within it to thrive and heal we need to live from our gifts. I believe there are people out there in the World who need your gifts and purpose, and I would like to help you to activate and actualise all you came here to do, be and have.

I’ve created a one hour FREE audio so you can find out more. In this empowering audio you'll discover:

  The #1 thing that you need to realise before you do a single thing (this is crucial to your effortless success and total conviction in your gift)
  4 simple steps to get total clarity and certainty on what you bring to the World - (Pssst- I'm going to share with you my exact formula that works wonders for me and my clients)
  My secret to staying clear and focussed- As someone with 'shiny object' tendencies not knowing this use to create havoc in my life, and diluted everything I did... I'm going to teach you this secret so you can stop being a 'jack of all trades' and specialise in your gift zone so that you can be paid what you really deserve and express your genius!
  Exactly how to channel your energy and trust your Divine guidance & respect your creativity- without this piece many artists and entrepreneurs self-sabotage or become destructive.

The most critical mindset shift you need to make before attempting make any money with your gift. Don’t even bother with all the strategies I’m about to teach you if you’re not willing to do this!

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"You will love this book and love yourself as a result of reading it and doing the work she so skillfully recommends."

“Katharine Dever has written a book that will actually give you the context, spirit, pathways, and practices to deliver your own personal transformation. “BetterMorphosis” is wise and insightful, clear and inspiring, practical and challenging, and beautifully written. You will love this book and love yourself as a result of reading it and doing the work she so skillfully recommends.

I know Katharine personally and she is a manifestation of all she teaches here. It comes from her life experience, her generous heart, and her deep wisdom. Take her advice and you--- too can become an angel."

Lynne Twist Author of “The Soul of Money” Co founder of The Pachamama Alliance

"Unleash Your True Power, Uncover Your Hidden Energy & Achieve Inner Peace"

“Katharine Dever’s Bettermorphosis is an amazing step by step process to help you transform into the best YOU. The discovery, exercises and gentle approach allow you to take the time to rediscover your dreams, desires, and yourself.No matter where you are on your journey, this is a beautiful addition to your, self enlightenment. You will unleash your true power, uncover your hidden energy and achieve your inner peace.

Katharine’s book is a must have part of your personal voyage.”

Tracy Repchuck, #1 Best Selling Author, Award Winning Entrepreneur and Poet
Garret LoPorto“Katharine is a Guardian Angel of Transformation"


Katharine is an usher of change.  She is a guardian-angel of transformation.  She has an uncanny knack for showing up right as she is needed to midwife a dramatic transformation for someone's journey.  

There she is, as if on call, to remind you to keep the hope alive - "DON'T GIVE UP!" - and keep on going gracefully through your earthshaking transformation.

Change takes courage, but with Katharine Dever as your guide through your transformation, you are in good hands.

Garret Lo Porto, Author, speaker, successful entrepreneur and U.S. & international patent-pending inventor,


'Incredibly Capable & Compassionate'


"You are in incredibly capable and compassionate hands as Katharine guides you toward creating the life you want. She magically draws you in and shines a light on what is truly important in your life. Everyone should attend Katharine’s program, make it a part of their life and tell everyone they know about it

Jim Britt: Entrepreneur, Speaker, Peak Performance Expert & Author, 'Rings of Truth', 'The Power of Letting Go'

This call is for you if...

  • You 'don't know' what your gift is but you'd like to have clarity.
  • You'd like to be paid handsomely for doing what you're really good at!3.
  • You 're ready to 'make it' and share your gifts with others in a big way- and not let your fear hold you back anymore! 
  • You want to be successful with soul, in alignment with Universal Principles and make a massive & authentic contribution with your gift/(s).
  • You're a genuinely caring person, and want to do something special with your life, but you don't know what and you don't know how!


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